Innovation, Aesthetics & Outstanding Design

Mark Ellis started his career in the 1960’s, working with some of the world’s best known and most respected yacht designers.

Schooled in the classic traditions of Philip Rhodes, his design experience quickly grew to include time with some of the foremost yacht design firms of the day, including both Hunt and Rhodes, Ted Hood’s Little Harbor and C&C Yachts. In 1975 he began Mark Ellis Design, a design firm that has delivered outstanding custom and series-built designs in both power and sail for more than three decades.

item2The Nonsuch, Niagara and Limestone are three of Mark’s early designs that became series-built classics. These were quickly followed by a range of motorsailers, cruisers and custom-built sail designs that firmly established Mark as a respected designer and one who placed importance on aesthetics as well as solid performance.

In the early 1990’s, Mark was commissioned by a preeminent bank president to design and oversee the construction of a custom 44′ sailing yacht, for use as a cruiser-racer. The project’s success was the beginning of a long line of bespoke sail and power designs commissioned by an impressive group of business leaders who came to Mark for his unique designs and his ability to bring a client’s ideas to a stylish, yet functional reality. Many continue to be clients today – some for their second and third boats.

“We hooted and hollered downwind at over 8 knots on a day on which virtually no one else was out” – Jane Flynn, Cruising World